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On PLOTSA we need your insights from your years of watching films and reading novels and reviewing them. You know a lot about what makes a good story and film that engages viewers in learning with characters attempting to do something difficult. We need those insights of yours on PLOTSA.

PLOTSA is a computer assisted site that recommends films to watch and make. So our computer reads lots of reviews and rates films and stories for films on basic plot elements that engage viewers in learning with characters: action, character, risk, theme, and supportive filming. The computer finds those five basic elements very significant. Do you? It has opinions on which of the elements are most significant. Do you? But computer reviews are simply assistance for audience reviewers like you to revise and fill them out. Computers can assist us a lot, but they can't take our place.

On the site are computer-generated plot reviews. These are reviews of online films and their novellas computer-generated from their scripts. You can pull up one of these computer-generated plot reviews and change it and add more about the plot. You can also pull up one of the novellas generated by computer from a scrip and tweak it as you read it. Like a wiki, we then replace the review with an audience review, replace the novella with a tweaked one, and revise the computer software to do better next time.

On the Create side of the site, there are also reviews of stories for films in progress, starting with a few sentences for pitches to full novellas. PLOTSA needs your reviewing and editing expertise to help filmmakers pass their twelve stages of making a strong-plotted feature film, one that engages viewers in learning with characters attempting to do something difficult. You can do that by reviewing plot elements for a film in progress, making sure each one is rated at least 80%. If one isn't but is close, you suggest edits. When two of you agree a stage should pass, a staff reviewer checks your work and may make additional editing suggestions. Once the staff reviewer passes a stage, the stage is audience reviewed and viewers are asked for development donations in return for perks. Here is how those development donations are used.

Filmmakers 'pay' for peer reviews for a stage before a staff review by reviewing a film stage for another filmmaker. But from donations received they pay for the staff reviews: $10 for the first stage of pitch and $50 per later stages, 70% of which goes to the staff reviewer and 30% to PLOTSA.

Filmmakers also use these donations to pay for consultants at $50 an hour, again 70% of it going to the consultant. Consultants do more than peers and staff. They don't simply make editing suggestions when a stage is close to passing. They make many more editing suggestions than that, helping filmmakers pull their stages together so they'll pass their peer and staff reviews. And they may do the staff review.

So we invite you to put your editing skills to work in editing for film development. To do that you become a peer filmmaker by submitting the first stage of a film yourself, a story you've always wanted to see filmed. Then you peer review some stages of films for free, and once you are helping filmmakers significantly, you'll be asked to staff review and consult for pay. You can also review online films on the view page, suggest changes for our stage instructions, or read our recommended dialogues on film writing and filmmaking and increase your rank as a reviewer by passing quizzes on your readings. This will advance you faster to peer and staff reviewing and consulting.

Ready to get started? Click next and go to our View page and revise plot reviews for online films and their novellas. Or go to our Create page and audience review films in progress.