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PLOTSA is the first crowdsourcing online movie studio to produce, distribute, and exhibit movies curated by filmmakers according to industry standards for a wide audience of 13+. “PLOTSA provides independents with the same type of standards and processes used by Hollywood studios.” --JD Payne, screenwriter and executive producer for Amazon’s upcoming series Lord of the Rings, and screenwriter and producer for Twentieth Century Fox’s coming Flash Gordon

Let's face it, we want our movie to be appreciated by audiences. Thanks to MovieLens' rich dataset of movies, feature weights, and user ratings, PLOTSA was able to perform advanced technical analysis to determine the industry standard features that most contribute to user preference. With our standards based on these features, we are able to predict 87% of the time that a user likes a movie at least 8/10. PLOTSA’s workflow helps you create movies that are strong in these features, which statistically leads to higher audience appreciation.

Filmmakers submit their films to PLOTSA and cooperatively review them on the site as peers, staff, and audience to make sure they satisfy industry standards and integrate plot, character develop, risk, and meaningful theme for a wide audience of 13+. Filmmakers submit their in-progress movies in stages, passing reviews by other filmmakers before submitting their next stage for review. Directors browse profiles of cast and crew on PLOTSA's directory, which can filter by geographical location, and invite individuals to accept crew or cast roles or open up the roles to applicants. Member affliates refer filmmakers to the site and share in PLOTSA revenue from those they refer. Filmmakers can suggest online changes to the industry standard review questions that films must pass.

PLOTSA exhibits lots of great movies that it doesn’t make any money on. Filmmakers on PLOTSA provide log lines and links to their curated movies, wherever viewers can watch them on the net, with their own subscriptions or pay-per-view purchases. PLOTSA aims to be the one-stop source for great movies that integrate plot, character development, and themes for a wide audience of 13+. But PLOTSA does distribute indies, non-exclusively, on iTunes and Amazon, and other online sites, including its own site. Filmmakers who submit movies that pass the review process get distribution on the site and possibly get other distribution, and receive 70% of their revenue, and PLOTSA receives 30% for site maintenance. The peer review process is free for those who do other peer reviews. For those who want to pay for peer reviews, they currently cost nothing for online movies recommended, $5 for Pitch, $10 for Synopsis and Scenario, $15 for Beatscript, Script, Novella, and Shooting Script, and $20 for Storyboard, Production Plan, Rough Cut, and Final Cut. For movies in-progress, staff reviews cost triple the peer review cost, with again 70% of the revenue going to the staff reviewers and 30% to PLOTSA. But if a film is funded and produced through PLOTSA, the filmmaker will be reimbursed for the cost of the initial peer and site reviews for each stage of the film. That means a film in progress can end up being reviewed for free. Qualified peer reviewers become staff reviewers and consultants and receive 70% of staff review and consultation fees.

Affiliates refer filmmakers to the site and receive 10% of PLOTSA's revenue on the site from filmmakers they refer for three years. Affiliates are invited to the online audience reviews of the filmmakers they refer. Affiliate distributors may arrange for further distribution of the films, and may arrange for production funding and talent for films in progress on the site by filmmakers they refer, the details of the contract to be arranged at the time of production.

PLOTSA is launching the site to screenwriters by inviting them to convert their scripts to novellas and distribute them and premiere them to interested film distributors and their investors who may want to fund them for production. You can see our growing list of distributors we contact. PLOTSA is launching the site to filmmakers by inviting them to film scenes from approved scenarios and scripts on the way to distributors for production funding and to submit their completed movies and screenplays and movies in progress. Soon PLOTSA will be launching to viewers by offering an app to watch the site movies on their TVs.

Through crowdsourcing and reviews by filmmakers, PLOTSA can sort through thousands of movies and find the indies a wide audience will not want to miss. In the process, filmmakers become increasingly aware of the standards their films need to measure up to and will start making high-quality films on the site. Filmmakers can submit their films and get them reviewed and get online distribution and perhaps further distribution through affiliate distributors. Through patented technology and workflow, PLOTSA guides the filmmaker along the path of following proven industry standards in creating films with even tighter integration between film elements than found in many theatrical films. Affiliate distributors are kept in touch with promising filmmakers as their films move through the process of being created, reviewed in stages, and distributed to a wide audience.