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On PLOTSA you can prepare your strong-plotted movie for wide distribution. You can do it using PLOTSA's software absolutely FREE and keep all rights. When you prepare a package of reviews of your film and your novella converted from your script, and ROI reports, distributors will be interested in carrying your film
PLOTSA will assist you for free with the reviews and ROI reports for the first stage. If you then want help with four other stages, including two hours of consultation per stage, you will need to move from the free plan to the assisted producing plan, which will cost $143 a stage. By the time you finish, you will have your package of reviews and ROI reports to present to distributors.
If after your story stage PLOTSA offers to co-produce your film with you and you accept the offer, you will move to the co-producing plan. PLOTSA will then cover the previous and remaining costs of providing reviews and ROI reports and up to four hours of consultation per stage, and will negotiate with distributors with you. You will then receive 70% of producer revenue and PLOTSA will receive 30%.

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(Facing this challenge, the main character is inspired to do this,)
(and this happens as a result, which teaches the character this principle.)
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