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Plans for Creating a Movie in 12 Stages

A - Free plan B - Produce plan
$50 per stage, $10 for first
C - Staff Co-producer1
no fees, share 30% revenue
Create feature indie scripts and films with strong plots to maximize audience and ROI x x x
Free lessons on building great movies x x x
Help using site x x x
Connect with other filmmakers with zip code filtering for crew and cast x x x
Intelligent conversion of your script to a novella x x x
Filmmaker reviews of each stage x x
Professional review of each stage x x
Audience reviews of 5 key stages x x
Deep learning ROI predictions for investors at 5 key stages x x
Generated documents for distribution and investment bank proposals x x
Free Consulting
($50/hr normally)
x (up to 4 hours/stage)
Hands on help finding distributors and production funding x

  1. May be offered by the site after passing the scenario (third script stage)