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On PLOTSA, filmmakers like you are creating feature films and TV series in stages for wide distribution. The first stage tells a story, in one sentence, of a character learning something by attempting to do something difficult. That first stage also includes a few other sentences, each for an act of the story. Later stages expand those sentences into sentences for scenes, and those sentences into sentences for beats and dialogue. When it's ready, the story is previewed at an audience review, with scores of film distributors present.

As cast or crew, you come in before an audience review. For one thing, you may have reviewed the first stages of a story. To do that, you need to be a story-writing peer by submitting the first stage of your story, the one you have long wanted to see made into a film. More importantly, for an audience review you need to show distributors how you can contribute to the film. They won't distribute a film unless it has name cast and crew or they see sample work of cast or crew who can help make the film successful.

You have been invited to apply to a film before an audience review. For that review, we need your reading of scenes or reading of the story itself, or your photos of possible locations or costumes, or your musical motifs for the film. We also need you to invite as many friends as you can to the audience review and to suggest that they make a small donation for perks--like getting to see the film for free when it is finished. These donations will provide the funding to complete the reviews of the last stages of development of the film.

The development will be complete when world-wide distribution is in place, you have signed a contract as cast or crew, and an investment bank or investor has provided the production funding. Then production will begin, hopefully within a year.

Ready to get started? Click Next to find the film you were invited to apply to (or any other you want to apply to). And go to to start your film, so you can review films in progress and apply early to them. No shorts, no ads or promos, just feature films and TV series for wide distribution.